Month: February 2013

Soho Tea Room


Source: Eating with Kirby

Last Visited: February 20, 2013
Address: 3466 Cambie Street, South
City: Vancouver

Since I have been studying and doing school work for the most of reading break, my boyfriend decided to take me on a quick lunch date. Now he told me that there is a new bubble tea place that is owned by the same people that own Flo Tea Room; they are sister restaurants!


Kaya Malay Bistro


Last Visited: January 29, 2013
Address: 1063 W. Broadway
City: Vancouver

This relatively new restaurant caught my mom’s eye when she stumbled across their Facebook page, especially since it was Malaysian/Singaporean cuisine. So this made her quite eager to try it, since she has a soft spot for food from our hometown. Every day of the week, Kaya has a special, and since we went on a Tuesday, their special was 50% off Roti Canai! You can check out their promotions and specials on their website and/or Facebook page. (more…)

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

 Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Last Visited: January 12, 2013
Address: 1703 Robson Street
City: Vancouver

Now that I have finished my midterms for this term, I finally have some time to blog; I got lots of restaurants to blog about, but today it will be on waffles. Tell me, who doesn’t love waffles? Especially BELGIAN waffles. After a long time (almost a month!) of deciding on a waffle bar, I decided on Nero Belgian Waffle Bar, a place known for their authentic, homemade Belgian waffles! (more…)

Pearl Castle (Sexsmith)

Source: FollowMeFoodie

Last Visited: November 4, 2012
Address: 3779 Sexsmith Road
City: Richmond

Dad was craving rice, I was craving bubble tea, and my sister was indifferent, so I suggested Pearl Castle. Knowing that the one in Richmond Centre would probably be busy, especially during lunch time on a Sunday, this location was decided upon, and we were actually quite surprised to see that there were quite a bit of available space. (more…)

Sockeye City Grill

 Sockeye City Grill

Last Visited: April 22, 2012
Address: 108-3800 Bayview Street
City: Richmond

J was craving fish & chips, so we decided to go to Steveston in search of a restaurant since Pajo’s Fish and Chips were already closed. The last game between the Vancouver Canucks and L.A. Kings were on this night, so it was a little difficult finding a good place that was not already full; we probably circled the area at least three times before deciding on Sockeye City Grill. (more…)

Meat & Bread

 Meat & Bread

Last Visited: April 27, 2012
Address: 370 Cambie Street, Gastown
City: Vancouver

At last, I have tried this place! Ever since I saw it on “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives”, I have been dying to eat here, and I finally got the chance! We got there around 1 or so, and already there was a really long line-up; the line went past the window of the restaurant. Maybe it was the lunch time hour, and people on their breaks come here, but if there is always a line up everyday, then there must be something amazing about this place.

I was very excited to blog about this restaurant, so I took plenty of pictures. Enjoy! (more…)