Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

Source: Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe’s website

Last Visited: March 6, 2012
Address: 8338 Capstan Way
City: Richmond, BC

Last night, Miss W and I decided to go for dessert after a long day of homework, and I suggested Yavis Club since she has not been there before. My last experience was quite a positive one, so I had high expectations coming back.

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

The quote on the red wall is really nice; it is a good reminder for me personally that He really has made everything beautiful. The walls are a little plain, but I really like the idea of keeping it simple. It is not over-the-top with unnecessary items, and the flower petals on the left wall adds a little flare. Very modern and contemporary!

Something that bothered Miss W and I was the refrigerator that was constantly humming in the background. It made it hard to hear the music that was already playing very softly, so it was quite annoying.

Because the cafe is quite dim, I really like how there is a candle on each table, because not only does it serve as extra lighting, but it also gives off a romantic feeling.

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

Miss W and I shared two cakes, the first being the Blueberry Cheesecake. Our first impression was that the presentation was absolutely beautiful. The flower on the side, and the layout of the blueberry syrup complimented the cake well. The first bite was not bad; it was very creamy, and the blueberry was not overpowering. However, though it started off well, it went downhill from there. There was a “gritty” texture to it, much like when you drink hot chocolate that has not been stirred properly. Also, there was a bitter taste to the cheesecake that was not desirable, because it made the cake hard to eat; the last few bites were not tasty at all.

Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

The second cake we chose was the Green Tea Glacier, and I was fairly satisfied with this cake. It would have been better if they thawed the cake a little longer before serving, because it was hard to cut. After we let the cake sit for a while, the cake tasted quite good. There was a lot of green tea flavour, and it was very creamy. The only thing I didn’t like was the green apple syrup, which was very sweet and did not compliment the cake well.
Yavis Club Cheesecake Cafe

Miss W ordered the Matcha Cafe Latte, which she did not enjoy as much as she would like. It tasted just like a regular latte, as the matcha was not distinguishable. Also, she commented that there was not enough steamed milk.

Overall, I had an okay experience this time around, because it was not all that bad, but it was not amazing either. However, if you enjoy trying different flavours of cheesecake while in a romantic setting, I would recommend Yavis Club to you! But don’t expect amazing service; although the server was quite friendly, you need to ask for water, and depending how busy it gets, it may take a while. Also, the cheesecakes are a little pricey, especially if you plan on ordering a drink as well, but they do have a dessert combo where you can order a drink for $3 when you order a cheesecake at regular price.

1:Poor 2: Okay 3: Good 4: Great 5: Amazing!
Food: 3
Service: 3
Ambiance: 3.5-4
Price: Under $6 per item
Overall: 3


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