Month: April 2013

Outpost Mini Donuts Co. @ Steveston


Last Visited: March 31, 2013
Address: 110-12240 Second Ave.
City: Richmond

Hello, wonderful people! I am squeezing in a quick post during finals season, because I really want to share with you guys this delicious donut shop in Steveston. I love going to Steveston when it’s bright and sunny outside, whether it is just to walk, eat, or shop. Although it was very busy during Easter weekend, I decided to take a trip here.

Outpost was VERY busy. Their line-up was out the door, and they had two people working at the time. Now I was determined to get these donuts, because I had been craving them for a while, so I waited in line. Even though it took forever, it was worth it. I mean look, they make FRESH, HOMEMADE donuts on the spot! (more…)


Cactus Club- Coal Harbour


Last Visited: March 30, 2013
Address: 1085 Canada Place
City: Downtown Vancouver

The weather has been amazing for the past couple of weeks, especially during the long Easter weekend. So what better way to spend it but to go check out the new Cactus Club that recently opened at Canada Place? J and I decided to come here for our lunch date, and I must say, the view was amazing! By far, one of the most attractive Cactus Clubs I have ever seen. Not to mention, their washroom is spectacular! (more…)