GMen Ramen Izakaya @ Nanchuu


Last Visited: June 20, 2013
Address: #1160-8391 Alexandra Road
City: Richmond

I can never get enough of Japanese cuisine, whether it be sashimi, ramen, or rice bowls. Anyone else agree with me? So since it was the last day of class of first term of my summer semester, why not celebrate and have a lunch date? I was craving noodles AND Japanese food, so this was the more obvious option. The place was surprisingly not as busy as I thought, but maybe that is because the whole restaurant takes a break for several hours, from around 3-5 pm (correct if I’m wrong), and it was a fairly late lunch since we went around 2pm. Considering that it’s located on Alexandra Road, you would think that it’s street parking, but there is surprisingly a parking lot at the back. However, if you are unlucky and happen to enter at a busy time, then street parking is the only option.


It is a little tight getting in and out of the booths on the right side, but it isn’t too bad. The restaurant is small, so it can’t really house too many customers at once, making it not unusual if there is a line out the door. Lucky for us, we went at a time where the lunch hour rush was over, so there were plenty of empty booths.


Pan-Fried Gyoza (6 pcs for $6.25)  4/5 
These were very delightful. The texture of the skin was pan-fried to perfection, and the pork filling was tender and flavourful. You could probably make do without the dipping sauce, because I found that it was much yummier without the sauce. Also, they were a very generous size, big and full of filling.


Tantan Men ($9.50) – 4/5
“Authentic rich pork soup (tonkotsu) flavoured with homemade spicy sesame and peanuts paste with thin noodle”. I have never had tantan men before, so this was my first time. I gotta say, it was delicious! They really mean it when they say that the pork soup is AUTHENTIC and RICH, because it was just bursting with flavour. The sesame and peanut paste is not overpowering at all, so there was a nice balance of each component of the soup. I like my noodles a little hard and chewy, not too soft and mushy, so I found that the ramen noodles had a great texture. The only thing “bad” I can say is that I didn’t personally think it was spicy enough, so I put some of the Japanese pepper, shachimi. I fell in love with it even more after sprinkling some of the stuff!

IMG-20130704-WA0003_mh1373233973875 (1)

Chicken Nanban Set ($9.95) – 3.5/5
“Deep fried chicken marinated with homemade nanban sauce topped with tartar sauce, green salad, tofu, nori rice, and miso soup”. For something so simple, it was yummy. The chicken had such a delicious crisp crunch, yet the meat was very tender. The tartar sauce was creamy and added a nice touch of flavour, but it was a little excessive for quite a bit of chicken. However, when eaten with the rice, it was very good!

1:Poor 2: Okay 3: Good 4: Great 5: Amazing!
Food: 4
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 3
Price: Under $15 (lunch menu)
Overall: 4


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