Takeya Sushi


Source: Urbanspoon

Last Visited: November 17, 2013
Address: 8671 No.1 Road
City: Richmond

First post of 2014! I’m back and ready to get on blogging. This restaurant was in a magazine my mom was reading, and she suggested we try it out, so why not? Takeya Sushi is in the same complex area as Safeway, so parking wasn’t too bad since it’s almost never crowded and full.


I love the colours of its interior, the soft green and wooden boards make the place very earthy. It’s a little small, and the entrance waiting area can get a little crowded if there’s a line. However, it’s not too bad! I really like how they have a separate side of the restaurant dedicated to take-out/pick-up orders, which is clever because this decreases cluster.


Tuna Sashimi ($7.75)  2.5/5 
Everyone was a little surprised when this came to the table because of how small each piece of tuna was. In all honesty, the tuna wasn’t particularly special. It tasted like any usual tuna sashimi, which is good. Just not THAT good. Overall, the only issue is the size, which was disappointing.


Salmon Sashimi ($8.25) – 3/5
I may be a little bias towards salmon sashimi, but I quite enjoyed this. Despite the smaller size, the salmon tasted delicately fresh and cool.


Italian Roll ($8.75) – 3.5/5
“Prosciutto ham, cream cheese, olive, basil, crab, red pepper, and asparagus”. If i recall correctly, this item was new on the menu. I wanted to try something new, and what’s newer than an Italian take on a Japanese dish? The taste was very interesting, and I was able to really taste each ingredient. Although I don’t really know how “Italian” this roll really is, I really liked how the flavors complimented each other. The cream cheese was a little overpowering, in my opinion, but I  guess it really depends on your taste buds and your take on cream cheese.


Sanshoku Don ($8.95) – 3.5/5
“Ikura, spicy salmon tata, BBQ salmon, on rice”. I had a bite of this and it was very good! It was a just a touch of spicy that it wasn’t overpowering, but still enough to tingle the taste buds. The two different textures of salmon was interesting, but in a good way. The soft, spicy salmon and the chewy bbq salmon combined complimented each other well, i think.


Chicken Udon ($8.25) – 2.5/5
The udon was generic, just like udon in any other sushi places. However, it was okay. There just wasn’t anything particularly epic about it. This is definitely something to order if you are craving hot soup.

Overall, I thought Takeya Sushi was a little overpriced, but that really depends on what you order. After browsing other food blogs on Urbanspoon, I noticed that their rolls were very popular, so I think that would be what I’d order if I ever go back. I wouldn’t mind returning to try their rolls. In all honesty, there are better Japanese restaurants so it wouldn’t be my first choice, but a considered one.  

1:Poor 2: Okay 3: Good 4: Great 5: Amazing!
Food: 3
Service: 2
Ambiance: 2
Price: Under $10 per entree
Overall: 2.5


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