Waffle Gone Wild


Last Visited: December 28, 2013
Address: 2967 West Broadway
City: Vancouver- Kitsilano

This place that recently turned ONE yesterday is a waffle place I have been wanting to try this place since I found it on Urbanspoon the same time I found Nero’s, and finally the day came! Street parking in Vancouver means PAY parking, so we had to park in the residential area. We were lucky, so we only had to walk about a block. However, I guarantee the walk is worth it, because it’s just that good.


The place is small, but very cute. I love the seasonal decorations on the wall and ceiling! I noticed on their Facebook page that they had Valentine’s decorations too.  They have a chalkboard on the right side of the restaurant and it’s filled with polaroids and notes, which I thought was a cute and neat idea. Also, when you walk in, the smell of fresh waffles take over!

IMG_2891IMG_2894English Breakfast Tea (~ $1-2/cup)  4/5 

I couldn’t get over how aromatic the tea was! Of course, I understand that everyone is different when it comes to tea. Some like it light, some like it strong. I like strong tea, so this was very good, especially after eating the sweet waffles.


Strawberry Heaven ($5.99) – 4.5/5
Strawberry. Heaven. I might be a bit bias because I love strawberries, but to me, this is such a classic in a sense that I always opt for the strawberry when given the option. Does that make sense? LOL makes sense in my head. Anyway, the strawberries were just a tad bit sour, which is understandable since they aren’t in season. Nonetheless, it was yummy!


Japanese Matcha ($7.99) – 5/5
I saw this all over Urbanspoon, so I knew I had to get it. A waffle topped with red bean and ice cream, with a side of fruits and green tea ice cream mochi! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVED it. This is my go-to. Hands down. Enough said.


Plain Waffle (~ $1 each) – 5/5
We couldn’t get enough of the waffles, so we ordered two more plain ones. The waffles were served warm, and the batter was incredibly light and fluffy. It was tender and amazing!

I realize that the descriptions for each item are relatively short, but that is because there really are no words to describe how yummy these waffles are. It’s debateable as to whether or not these are as good as Nero Belgian Waffle Bar, since I haven’t been there in a while. Maybe it’s time for a little comparison and visit both place again soon? 😉

1:Poor 2: Okay 3: Good 4: Great 5: Amazing!
Food: 4.5
Service: 5
Ambiance: 5
Price: $6 – $15 per waffle
Overall: 5


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