Wo Fung Noodle Express


Last Visited: May 26, 2013
Address: 190-8400 Alexandra Road
City: Richmond

I love coming to Wo Fung for fast Chinese food, like noodles and deep fried chicken wings, and what’s not to love when it’s super cheap? Although it’s cramped in there, the place always seems to be full, especially during lunch/dinner hours. You know it’s a fast place just by walking in, which is good when you are in a rush. You can get soup noodles, or just munch on some snacks, but be warned, most of the snacks are deep-fried. Not healthy, but oh so delicious!  (more…)


Gyo-O Japanese Restaurant


Last Visited: June 9, 2013
Address: #2137-3779 Sexsmith Road
City: Richmond

Hello, awesome people! I know, I have been slacking on the updates, but I promise I will start updating regularly since I am officially off school. Don’t worry, I already got a few places lined up. First up being Gyo-O. I didn’t know this before, but Gyo-O and Gyoza King are sister restaurants. For those who have been to Gyoza King, let me know if it’s any good!

L’Opera Pattiserie

 2013-05-31 15.52.31

Last Visited: May 31, 2013
Address: 153-5951 Minoru Blvd
City: Richmond

Ever since this cute little dessert place opened recently, I had been dying to try their macarons and cakes. The urbanspoon rating is also very encouraging, considering the place is new and all. I was seriously down for some macarons! (more…)

Seasons in the Park

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Last Visited: May 18, 2013
Address: W 33rd Ave. & Cambie Street
City: Vancouver

A special occasion calls for special dining, wouldn’t you agree? The weather that day started off very gloomy, but I was so happy it cleared up a bit by the evening! I learned that Mama C & Papa C came here before little ol’ me was born, so I figured why not revisit the restaurant after many years? I’ve only been here once, and it was a fairly good experience, so I was excited coming here again.


Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches


Source: Chowtimes

Last Visited: May 10, 2013
Address: 6390 No. 3 Road
City: Richmond

I have been dying to try this place for a while now, because a lot of people have been saying how the sandwiches/subs here are yummy AND cheap! Now who can resist that? This corner restaurant is located in an area where parking is incredibly hard to find, so I recommend public transit or walking here. Luckily, this is in central Richmond, so there are plenty of bus stops because of the local mall located across the street.

It is a good thing I went with my friend, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what to do in terms of ordering. At Bob’s, they don’t come to your table to take your order. You actually have to go up to the counter, order, pay, then choose your seat. After some time, they will ring a bell and yell out the order, then that is when you go and pick it up.


Pajo’s Fish & Chips

20130508_142853_mh000      20130508_141934_mh000

Last Visited: May 8, 2013
Address: 3500 Bayview Street
City: Richmond

A beautiful sunny day means a day out, so what better way than to head to Steveston Village for lunch? I wouldn’t say there are endless options to choose from when eating in Steveston, but there is a fair amount of variety. From fresh seafood, to Greek , to desserts and cold treats,  and who can forget the fish and chips! Steveston offers so many fish and chips places that it’s hard to decide on a particular place. However, I personally think you can never go wrong with Pajo’s. During the summer, the line ups are so long that they sometimes end near the bottom of the ramp, maybe even longer. Knowing this, I think it’s a safe bet that it’s many people’s go-to fish and and chips place, especially since they are fast. Luckily enough, we arrived around noon on a weekday, so it wasn’t busy at all. (more…)

Bubble Fruity 果間茶坊


Last Visited: May 7, 2013
Address: 180-8188 Saba Road
City: Richmond

Anyone ever experience random cravings for HK style desserts? Especially when it’s a hot day? Well, it was one of those days, and I wanted some “sugar water” (糖水). The biggest downfall to this location is that there is no FREE parking, so just a heads up to those who are planning to go.

This dessert place is owned by a husband-wife team, in which the husband took over the front. He was extremely helpful in helping us decide what to order, considering there were quite a bit of desserts to choose from. He even gave some of his recommendations and asked what we liked to see if there is an item that we are guaranteed to enjoy. I knew what I was getting the moment we got there, so the only thing that was a little difficult was ordering a dessert to bring home.  (more…)