ice cream

Waffle Gone Wild


Last Visited: December 28, 2013
Address: 2967 West Broadway
City: Vancouver- Kitsilano

This place that recently turned ONE yesterday is a waffle place I have been wanting to try this place since I found it on Urbanspoon the same time I found Nero’s, and finally the day came! Street parking in Vancouver means PAY parking, so we had to park in the residential area. We were lucky, so we only had to walk about a block. However, I guarantee the walk is worth it, because it’s just that good.




Source: My Yummy Cravings

Last Visited: May 4, 2013
Address: 1033 Venables Street
City: Vancouver

Who else is enjoying all this sunshine? I know I am, and what better way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon and go for ice cream!Even though the location is kind of in the middle of no where, it doesn’t stop people from coming. I hear that the place is usually crowded, especially in the summer time, so I take it as a sign that it must be a must-try!

Now the thing that is most interesting to me is the fact that there are so many flavours, which makes one kind of think how can someone think of that many flavours? And then you imagine all the different things, like wasabi, garlic, and ginger. Well, surprise! La Casa has those flavours available (how bizarre is that?). They even have bizarre combinations, which may surprise you if you are brave enough to try. Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to try these flavours, because they just sounded too weird. So if you want to take the chance and have a little try, you can just ask because they do give free samples.  (more…)

Meat & Bread

 Meat & Bread

Last Visited: April 27, 2012
Address: 370 Cambie Street, Gastown
City: Vancouver

At last, I have tried this place! Ever since I saw it on “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives”, I have been dying to eat here, and I finally got the chance! We got there around 1 or so, and already there was a really long line-up; the line went past the window of the restaurant. Maybe it was the lunch time hour, and people on their breaks come here, but if there is always a line up everyday, then there must be something amazing about this place.

I was very excited to blog about this restaurant, so I took plenty of pictures. Enjoy! (more…)