Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Pattiserie


Last Visited: December 10, 2013
Address: 2539 W. Broadway
City: Vancouver

I was mad craving desserts, so J and I decided to go on a quick date before he left for vacation. We carefully chose Thomas Haas after about an hour of deliberation on Urbanspoon, so by the time we actually went, we had high expectations. Heed my warning, the area is almost all pay-parking, so you will have to park in the neighborhood area about a block or so away.  (more…)


Bubble Fruity 果間茶坊


Last Visited: May 7, 2013
Address: 180-8188 Saba Road
City: Richmond

Anyone ever experience random cravings for HK style desserts? Especially when it’s a hot day? Well, it was one of those days, and I wanted some “sugar water” (糖水). The biggest downfall to this location is that there is no FREE parking, so just a heads up to those who are planning to go.

This dessert place is owned by a husband-wife team, in which the husband took over the front. He was extremely helpful in helping us decide what to order, considering there were quite a bit of desserts to choose from. He even gave some of his recommendations and asked what we liked to see if there is an item that we are guaranteed to enjoy. I knew what I was getting the moment we got there, so the only thing that was a little difficult was ordering a dessert to bring home.  (more…)