Hello! & Gami Sushi Restaurant


Last Visited: January 31, 2015
Address: 10111 Number 3 Road
City: Richmond

Hello, hello! I am back, and ready to continue blogging. I even started using my DSLR for photos, so for all my DSLR friends, I’m totally open to suggestions on better photo-taking. Hopefully, these photos will make you drool even more 🙂

To start up, I’m going to review a place I have been to a few times already. As of date, this may be my favorite sushi place that is delicious AND affordable. They also offer ABURI, which is my new favorite kind of sushi now! Aburi is a kind of Japanese-style cooking in which they sear the food, and let me tell you, it is heavenly.


Takeya Sushi


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Last Visited: November 17, 2013
Address: 8671 No.1 Road
City: Richmond

First post of 2014! I’m back and ready to get on blogging. This restaurant was in a magazine my mom was reading, and she suggested we try it out, so why not? Takeya Sushi is in the same complex area as Safeway, so parking wasn’t too bad since it’s almost never crowded and full.


GMen Ramen Izakaya @ Nanchuu


Last Visited: June 20, 2013
Address: #1160-8391 Alexandra Road
City: Richmond

I can never get enough of Japanese cuisine, whether it be sashimi, ramen, or rice bowls. Anyone else agree with me? So since it was the last day of class of first term of my summer semester, why not celebrate and have a lunch date? I was craving noodles AND Japanese food, so this was the more obvious option. The place was surprisingly not as busy as I thought, but maybe that is because the whole restaurant takes a break for several hours, from around 3-5 pm (correct if I’m wrong), and it was a fairly late lunch since we went around 2pm. Considering that it’s located on Alexandra Road, you would think that it’s street parking, but there is surprisingly a parking lot at the back. However, if you are unlucky and happen to enter at a busy time, then street parking is the only option.

Wo Fung Noodle Express


Last Visited: May 26, 2013
Address: 190-8400 Alexandra Road
City: Richmond

I love coming to Wo Fung for fast Chinese food, like noodles and deep fried chicken wings, and what’s not to love when it’s super cheap? Although it’s cramped in there, the place always seems to be full, especially during lunch/dinner hours. You know it’s a fast place just by walking in, which is good when you are in a rush. You can get soup noodles, or just munch on some snacks, but be warned, most of the snacks are deep-fried. Not healthy, but oh so delicious!  (more…)

Gyo-O Japanese Restaurant


Last Visited: June 9, 2013
Address: #2137-3779 Sexsmith Road
City: Richmond

Hello, awesome people! I know, I have been slacking on the updates, but I promise I will start updating regularly since I am officially off school. Don’t worry, I already got a few places lined up. First up being Gyo-O. I didn’t know this before, but Gyo-O and Gyoza King are sister restaurants. For those who have been to Gyoza King, let me know if it’s any good!

L’Opera Pattiserie

 2013-05-31 15.52.31

Last Visited: May 31, 2013
Address: 153-5951 Minoru Blvd
City: Richmond

Ever since this cute little dessert place opened recently, I had been dying to try their macarons and cakes. The urbanspoon rating is also very encouraging, considering the place is new and all. I was seriously down for some macarons! (more…)

Bob’s Submarine Sandwiches


Source: Chowtimes

Last Visited: May 10, 2013
Address: 6390 No. 3 Road
City: Richmond

I have been dying to try this place for a while now, because a lot of people have been saying how the sandwiches/subs here are yummy AND cheap! Now who can resist that? This corner restaurant is located in an area where parking is incredibly hard to find, so I recommend public transit or walking here. Luckily, this is in central Richmond, so there are plenty of bus stops because of the local mall located across the street.

It is a good thing I went with my friend, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what to do in terms of ordering. At Bob’s, they don’t come to your table to take your order. You actually have to go up to the counter, order, pay, then choose your seat. After some time, they will ring a bell and yell out the order, then that is when you go and pick it up.